Atlas Instruments - Rotary Torque Gauge, Idler and Recording System

The Atlas Rotary Torque is designed to give an indication of various down hole conditions, thus warning the driller of locked cones, dull bit, stress on the drill pipe, etc. As a result, the danger of twist-off is reduced. During directional drilling applications the driller can reduce the effects of hole friction due to coring, milling, or washing over, by observing constant torque, rather than constant weight.

The Atlas Rotary Torque Gauge should be set to zero while the drill stem is rotated at normal operation speeds off bottom. As weight is applied to the bit, the resultant increase is the actual measurement of drilling torque. The sensing unit (idler assembly) is installed under the bottom side of the rotary chain. This assembly acts as a lever. As torque is built up, the rotary chain becomes more taut and presses down upon the wheel turning in the idler frame. As a result, there is an increase of hydraulic pressure from within the cylinder. This pressure signal is carried from the cylinder through high pressure hose to the dial indicating gauge mounted in front of the driller.

The Atlas Idler Assembly consisting of frame, base with mounting pads, hard rubber wheel, and cylinder with stainless steel piston rod is designed to provide the maximum of service life.

The solid hard rubber wheel has been designed without molding seems (high pressure induction process); thereby eliminating any fault areas whereby the rotary chain chould possibly rip the rubber apart.

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