Atlas Instruments - Special Weight Indicator

The Atlas Special Weight Indicator is used on larger rigs. The next step up from the Atlas Clipper Weight Indicator. The Atlas Special Weight Indicator offers a greater weight range through a full 360 degree calibrated weight dial. The Atlas Special Weight Indicator can also be used as a stand-by weight indicator. Calibrated dial faces are available for line sizes from 7/8" to 1 1/4" in english and metric.

The Atlas Special Weight Indicator indicates total hook load directly in pounds. The adjustable damper valves allows for sensitivity adjustment to cut down on the fluid pulsation and thereby reducing pointer whip. The instrument also has a vernier pointer with a 6 to 1 ratio which is an important aid for such jobs as fishing. Another feature of the Atlas Special Weight Indicator is the graduations found on the center dial (calibrated in arbitrary weight indicator points). These points provide a method of compensating for hydrostatic head pressure when the diaphragm is not able to be mounted at the same height as the gauge. All pressure gauges are effected by hydrostatic head pressure.

The Atlas Special Weight Indicator includes a weight indicating gauge with duplex tube and movement, a protective steel cabinet with 2 doors, and a dead line diaphragm with C-clamp. Mounted in the tall steel cabinet there is space for auxiliary gauges: tong torque, mud pressure, rotary torque, RPM, and SPM. If these gauges are not required, or the instrument is to be used as a standby instrument, the Atlas Special Weight Indicator can be mounted in a production box.

The diaphragm installs easily on the dead line. The deflection plug depresses as the weight is increased and provides a special pressure signal to the indicating gauge where the pressure is indicated as weight. The Atlas Special Weight Indicator is loaded with the correct amount of fluid and sealed at the factory. There is not a stouter diaphragm unit on the market today. Again, we invite your comparison.

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