Atlas Instruments - Weight Indicator Systems

The Atlas D, E, and EB Weight Indicator Systems

These weight indicators are designed not only to give the driller an accurate hook load, but also a simultaneous reading of the net weight on bit.

These weight indicators receive their hydraulic pressure signal from heavy duty tension or compression type load cell (depending on the specific anchor configuration).

All ATLAS weight indicators as shown are manufactured to facilitate exchange at location within 15 minutes or less without loss of fluid. Through the use of a self sealing coupling and because all damper valves are made as an integral part of the gauge, the internal hydraulic system of the instrument remains sealed. As a result, exchange can be accomplished by the rig crew without the need for a service technician.

The net weight on bit and total load dials of the instrument are interchangeable for 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 lines strung in the travelling block. The inner dial indicates total hook load while the outer dial indicates net weight on bit. The net weight on bit offers 4 to 1 sensitivity over that of hook load.

The Atlas D, E, and EB weight indicators have been designed to accomodate not only the Atlas Super D (SD) Wire Line Anchor and Atlas Super E (SE) Wire Line Anchor, but also all other wire line type anchors.

These weight indicator systems are available in the following configurations and ranges.

Atlas Type D - single line pull - 50,000 pounds *
6 lines 300,000 pounds
8 lines 400,000 pounds
10 lines 500,000 pounds
12 lines 600,000 pounds
Atlas Type E - single line pull - 75,000 pounds *
6 lines 450,000 pounds
8 lines 600,000 pounds
10 lines 750,000 pounds
12 lines 900,000 pounds
Atlas Type EB - single line pull - 100,000 pounds *
8 lines 800,000 pounds
10 lines 1,000,000 pounds
12 lines 1,200,000 pounds
14 lines 1,400,000 pounds

* Available in metric and SI units.

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