Atlas Instruments - Wire Line Anchors

The Atlas Type Super D (SD) and Atlas Type Super E (SE) are casted not fabricated. They are the strongest made anchor in the world, containing a 5 1/2" diameter shaft. The roller bearing surface is a full 23 1/4". This greater surface area creates a more sensitive weight indicator resulting in more footage per day - important in cost savings.

All Atlas Wire Line Anchors contain the standard size 5 1/2" "TIMKIN" roller cone bearings and races. All anchors are magnafluxed and sonic tested with individual certifications.

The Atlas SD Anchor, to be used with the D weight indicator, is designed for 1", 1 1/8", or 1 1/4" drill line.

The Atlas SE Anchor, to be used with the E or EB weight indicator, is designed for 1 1/4", 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" drill line.

The Atlas Anchors are the finest made on the market today. Please notice the flange area at the shaft on the anchor base and on the wrap. These flanges overlap to prevent water seepage into the bearing and shaft area. All anchor stops are adjusted to prevent a metal to metal load on the weight indicator sensor, should loss of fluid occur through tampering with connections or cutting of hose. This type of concern for small details is characteristic of the entire Atlas line of instrumentation.

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