Cameron Pressure Gauges

The Cameron D pressure gauge is available for pressures from 1000 to 6000 psi. It is suited for drilling rig service and industrial applications where visibility is required for distances up to 30 feet.

The Cameron F pressure gauge is a smaller version of the D gauge and is available for pressures from 0 to 20,000 psi. It is available to truck-mounted units such as core drills, cementing pumps, and acidizing pumps. In industrial applications, the F gauge is used on boiler feed pumps, gathering line pumps, and water supply systems.

Both the D and F gauges are used for pressure indication of any liquid such as mud, water, oil, and for air or other gases.

  • The self contained mechanism in the D and F gauges gives uniform, steady pressure readings under pulsating flow.
  • The gauge is filled with oil to prevent corrosion and to provide lubrication to all working parts. The combined effects of the oil and the gauge dampening mechanism eliminate fluctuations of the dial due to line vibration.
  • Gauges are available for service in corrosive environments and with corrosive fluids. To provide maximum protection against corrosive salt-laden environments, the D gauge is available with a bronze case, back cover, and sub.

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