Cameron Weight Indicators

The case of the Cameron Weight Indicator is filled with oil. This provides a viscous damping of the dial motion, preventing any damage from rig floor vibrations. The oil also prevents the dial face from clouding over with moisture condensate.

The Cameron C weight indicator is self contained and is entirely mechanical in operation. Mechanical operation prevents breakdown due to leakage of high pressure fluids or to change of temperature.

Load is read directly in pounds and the dial range is 10,000 to 400,000 pounds. The illuminated dial is easily seen from any place on the rig floor, day or night. The large yellow dial has contrasting black and red numerals. Tests prove these color combinations to be the most highly visible. The dial also has a triple vernier, so that small load changes can be seen at a glance. Each pointer is painted a different color: red, green, or black, for more accurate reading.

The G weight indicator is similar to the C indicator, but its load range is from 15,000 to 600,000 pounds. The dial face is black, with white numerals. The vernier pointer colors are lighter for maximum visibility.

All Cameron weight indicators are attached to the deadline near eye level. An extended handle clamp nut tightens against an interchangeable wireline shoe to lock the indicator securely in place.

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