Control Drilling Service (1987) Ltd.

Control Drilling Services has played a significant role in Canada's oil patch for over 25 years. Control Drilling's quality of product and service has set a standard in the industry second to none.

Control Drilling manufactures a number of products used in Canada and internationally. These products are supported with knowledgeable technicians to provide service and a large inventory to provide parts and equipment when required.

Our product line includes:

Cameron Pressure Gauges
Cameron Weight Indicators
Control Automatic Pipe Wiper
Bell Automatic Weight Control
Atlas Instruments Weight Indicator Systems
Atlas Instruments Clipper Weight Indicator
Atlas Instruments Special Weight Indicator
Atlas Instruments Wire Line Anchors
Atlas Instruments Tong Torque Assemblies
Atlas Instruments Rotary Torque Gauge, Idler and Recording System
Atlas Instruments Remote Mud Pump Pressure Gauge and Protector Assembly
Atlas Instruments RPM and SPM Meters with Generators

  Distributor for Marvel Mystery Oil

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